Stevie Wonder in MTL Jazzfest

[footage courtesy of ATM]

So I made it down to Montreal for the 30th annual Jazz Festival this week to catch the legendary Stevie Wonder perform to a packed crowd. It was a free outdoor show in the heart of downtown Place-Des-Arts and the weather that day was beautiful. It did end up raining a little before the show started but  stopped just in time for the show. Stevie opened by addressing the passing of Micheal Jackson with his beautiful daughter, Iesha by his side then got the show started with “I Can’t Help It”.

The video above is from the soundcheck Stevie did around 3 pm and as you can see the crowd at that time was already hefty so you can imagine how many more bodies were in the place by the time the show started at 10 pm. Thankfully there were 2 large screens on either side of the stage, one further back by the soundboard and a fourth all the way around the corner where they set up bleachers for folks who wanted to see the show but didn’t want to be in the mix too heavy.

All in all it was a great moment for everyone in attendance, even the couple who were grinding to Man in the Mirror at the end of the night (wrong on so many levels). I met some great new friends and got the experience of a lifetime. I would post my own videos but I couldn’t offer footage better than this so enjoy!


~ by o.s.u.m on July 3, 2009.

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