The Wonder-ful Countdown

(Art by HVW8)

In the word’s of O’Shea, today was a good one, spent hanging out with friends and family and taking in the MTL scenery, despite the occasional drizzle and gray skies. The vacation’s also rendered a surprise record buying trip to my man Static‘s house. I only picked up a few pieces but you’ll have to wait until I get back to get the rundown on that.

For now, just know the city of Montreal is only  about 20hrs away from being blessed to a performance from the great Stevie Wonder at a free outdoor show that kicks off the 30th annual Montreal Jazz Festival. And now that Micheal’s name has been added to a long list of musical greats that have left us too soon, I think we can agree we need to be extra DILLAgent in giving heartbeat props to those still with us. I even picked up a copy of La Presse where they talk about a jazz album Stevie is working on with Tony Bennett and Quincy Jones.

It’s going to be mad busy so I’ll be lucky if I can see anything besides the big screens but truss, if I do, yall will be the first to know.


~ by o.s.u.m on June 30, 2009.

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