Motown Reggae-fied

As my homeboy Testa says, this is like a wet dream for white folks (he’s white so don’t start with me, lol). I was doing some research on a record I picked up this weekend and stumbled on I-Plant, a production duo from France who have taken the liberty of putting Motown vocals over reggae dub beats. They were giving away two of their projects for download on their MySpace so I decided to give it a more thorough listen. Admittedly they did a pretty good job with most of the tracks and the next time I have a session in swing, this might supply the acoustic background.

Download BlackSoul Remix 1

Download BlackSoul Remix 2

Click the jump for album artwork and track listings

BlackSoul Remix 1

BlackSoul Remix 2


~ by o.s.u.m on February 20, 2009.

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