NYOIL: Father, Father

NYOIL always droppin some heavy shit. This one is produced by Green Lantern. Continue reading for NY’s message about the song bcause it’s just as important as the video.

In this year, and in this time, positive affirmations must be the rule of the day! I’m glad that Songs like Y’all should all get lynched, and Wigger wigga, made the sort of impact that they have and established me as a voice in Hip Hop. However, at this time in our history it is important that we send out messages that encourage and motivate one another to do better. To be better. The Conscious community can NO LONGER afford to be defined as a bunch of haters or conspiracy theorist.
We have to become a collective of Motivators and Solution providers!

To this ends I’ve relea
sed the video for Father Father. I promise you this will, with YOUR help, change the landscape of the culture in much the same way as “Lynched ” did. This video will touch you and strike chords in you that very few Rap Songs have. It is also an opportunity to remember where we can take this music and what we can do as eMCees, I do so hope that those of you who read this take a moment to share this experience with me.

Your brother


~ by o.s.u.m on January 13, 2009.

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