Nintendo Synthesizers

In the age of technology where damn near anybody can be a producer, Korg lends a helping hand by turning your gaming machine into a music machine.


~ by o.s.u.m on November 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nintendo Synthesizers”

  1. I think it’s cool and all but at the same time it might just take out the whole originality aspect to producing which as far as I’m concerned is already gone w/ exception of dutch cats like FS green Hayzee & Sir OJ…

  2. I have this. Waited 10 months before they came to North America. had to buy the DS cause I wanted this bad.. It is what it is, A dope little sequencer/drum machine/Synth. The Synth is a KORG so you know you getting quality sounds but the drums are weak and not very versatile. I wouldnt go making a whole producing career off this machince but a great way to mess around to get ideas down and great for Sampling the synth sounds. Especialy BASS. Once you can get over its limitations and except it for what is is. Its is actually amazing. Check out this other KORG product (Kaossilator) very cool but more for doing stuff LIVE

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