New Evidence: Innovate with The Lay Over

Evidence continues to grow with his new single from his upcoming EP “THE LAYOVER” due out Nov 25. The production on this song picks up right where he left off with his exceptional debut LP The Weatherman. During his EPK promo Evidence mentions he shot 5 videos in 5 days for his new record which both is impressive and innovative. Evidence strikes me as one of those artists who understand that in this new era of music sales one has to up the ante and innovate in order stay relevant and cutting edge.

Years ago I envisioned artists releasing “video records” or “cinematic records” that have a video for each song contained on a particlar record. Pharoahe Monch (Stray Bullet) , Nas (I Gave You Power), Ghostface (Supreme Clientele, & Jay Z immediately come to mind when I think of the possibilities of a visually inspired records. Each of these artists manage to paint exceptional visuals with their lyrics and if paired with the right director the genius contained in their flow, cadence, and narratives could be taken to another level. I have read interviews where Jay Z (Streets is Watchng) has suggested making a video record. Now would be the perfect time to do this since record sales have consistently wained and the free internet music shit done took over. Rick Cordero where you at…………


~ by rshabazz on November 1, 2008.

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