Terri Lynn: Message in Music

Terri Lynn – System

Initially I was going to start this post with the video “Paper Planes” from M.I.A and then follow it up with the “System” video from newcomer Terri Lynn. I even had the title all figured out as well “M.I.A to JA: Message Music” but then I scrapped it. I guess I was trying to show the obvious similarities between the two artists such as the so called 3rd world connection (Sri Lanka – Jamaica), they both appear to be freedom fighters, they both have musical influences such as ragga/dancehall/electro, and finally both artists are not afraid speak about political/social (goverment, violence, poverty, etc) issues affecting their nations.

The “System” video was directed photographer Peter Dean Rickards who displays his photo’s via his website afflicted yard.  Terry Lynn reps Kingston Jamaica and her brand of dancehall is surrounded with electro soundscapes. Check her website Kingstonlogic for more.

“I believe in love and life itself. I am not trying to incite or condone violence in anyway. If you see me in a picture with a gun, it’s a satirical picture of the environment in which I grew up. All this is reflected upon us because of a system which I wish not to be a part of. I want to spread a message through my music and believe wisdom and understanding cannot be bought or sold.”

– Terry Lynn


~ by rshabazz on September 18, 2008.

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