WTF Is Fast Rap?


I remember about a year or two back hearing some buzz about this Fast Rap mixtape put out by Edan the DJ. I’m like WTF is fast rap? Of course after one look at the names (Big Daddy Kane, Percee P) it was obvious but until that point I’d never heard the term and some of these songs I’ve been listening to since back in 1988.

My point? No point really, I just took notice of how these new buzz terms, like mashups, are created to rebrand something old to a new generation. A generation who tends to not give two shits about what came before them unless it is rebranded to appear as cool to their age group.

Something else I noticed was that amongst all these “fast rap” classics on Edan’s mixtape, The D.O.C was sorely overlooked for his classic joint, Portrait of A Masterpiece. It was never an official release but there was a house remix by C.J Macintosh on the b-side of the Mind Blowin 12″. Maybe I’ll hit you off with that version later but for now peep the original album version of The D.O.C going in hard. When he said no one can do it better , he really meant it.

The D.O.C – Portrait Of A Masterpiece


~ by o.s.u.m on August 15, 2008.

One Response to “WTF Is Fast Rap?”

  1. Fast rap over regular tempo beat = Bullshit.

    Fast rap over fast beat = Usually pretty dope.

    D.O.C. = Criminally Underrated, the shit happened to him is tragic.

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