Rockford Files – Ft Isaac Hayes & Dionne Warwick

Above is a clip from the popular late 70’s television show The Rockford Files where Isaac Hayes displays his acting skills and although he didn’t win an Oscar for his performance he did win an Oscar for his music.

When I heard that Issac Hayes had past away over the weekend in his Memphis home I was saddened and taken by surprise for a number of reasons. During the 1970’s I don’t think there was any black household in North America that played secular music that didn’t have the Shaft record. Hayes was a self taught musician who was born on August 22, 1942 in Covington Tennessee. For his efforts with the Shaft soundtrack Hayes became the first African American to win an Oscar for best movie score in 1972. Rest in Peace Big Homie.

The Rockford Files Intro

I’m a huge fan of the The Rockford Files and just last week I was trying figure out a way to post the above scene featuring Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick. I had planned on writing about my love for the series and how I wanted to sample the Mike Post produced show intro during my wannabe producer days in the 90’s. I just loved the the way Post utilized the the Moog Synthesizer. I still find it quite ironic that just last week I was going to post this obscure clip of Mr Hayes and a few days later he passed away.


~ by rshabazz on August 11, 2008.

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