**Your meat is sweet to me……(A Must See)**

Corporate Cannibal – Grace Jones

As a lover of music and art that pushes the envelope I embrace this new Grace Jones track because it does just that. The Corporate critique/analogy painted during the six minute song seems to be deeply rooted in the Noam Chomsky school of literature. I imagine after soaking up some of Chomsky’s scathing critique’s directed at the “Corporate Machine”, it must have inspired Grace to head straight to the recording studio and create this tune. The video is an experience that will either inspire you to clutch your gun if you have one, or read some scriptures from your holy text of choice (even if you’re not religious), or you’ll be like me and find it to be eerily intriguing. She has always been ahead of her time as far as music/art is concerned and at age 60 she shows no sign of slowing down. You need not look any further than the art contained on her many album covers. Don’t let the video scare you from watching it till the end because the ending my friends is a quite voracious fade to black. Be on the lookout for her new album called Hurricane due out October 2008. Shout out to sb for the awareness.


~ by rshabazz on July 15, 2008.

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