Untitled N*gger

Nas – Sly Fox

Nas drops some science on this Sly Fox song but too bad he couldn’t articulate himself as well when trying to justify naming his album N*gger. He seems like his identity somewhat conflicted between being a socialist leaning black panther type, thug, intellect, or Jay Z type capitalist (Fila deal). But then again who says he can’t be all of them? We all have contradictions right? My man Wan Solo says he is the barometer for what is happening in hip hop today and I tend to agree. Nas started the controversy by naming the title of the album N**ger, then going to the Grammys with his wife (Kelis), who was joined by 3 women (caucasion, asian, and latin appearing) wearing N*gg*r shirts. He has since renegged on the title due to obvious pressure from members of the black community and from civil rights hucksters such as Al Sharton. In the end Nas folded and said that the ability to release the record is more important than the title.

Above Nas gives a poor explanation for the title of his record to a CNN reporter but also highlights something worth noting that most Americans are not aware of the which is the Voters Rights Act that was approved in 1965 by then President Lyndon B Johnson. Many are not aware that “African Americans are the only group of people who require PERMISSION under the United States Constitution to vote” (facts ). This highlights my issue with Nas, he knows his shit but it sometimes fails to translate his message outside of the realm of Hiphop and thus comes under fire for it. My suggestion to Nas is simple, hire Cornel West as your PR agent or mentor! To argue whether or not Nas is one of the most gifted MC’s ever would be insane but do you think he took this concept too far? Leave your opinions in the comments section.


~ by rshabazz on July 11, 2008.

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