Put the pressure on em EPMD?

Somebody forgot to tell Killer Mike and Ice Cube that this is the age of jingle based beats and incoherent repetitive rhymes with little or no political message attached. Check the footage at 2:10 into the video for the cameo by Toronto’s not so finest or as my soldiers say “de bwoy dem”. This is definitely a throwback to the early 90’s when MC’s had a little something to say and were not yet overly concerned about corporate branding – this exludes LL Cool J who dipped out of the EPMD video shoot of “rampage” because his handlers thought it would hurt his image. This Killer Mike video brings back memories of X-Clan, Public Enemy, Paris, when Malcolm X iconography and speeches ran tings. Speaking of Malcolm X, how many of ya’ll remember those 2 black guys X hats and t-shirts that happened to come out around the same time as the Spike Lee Movie? I’m gonna holla at Adrian (too black guys) to see if he can resurrect them for those who missed out. Now don’t get me wrong, retro gear is cool but skinny pants for dudes get the gasface. Below is the EPMD video with LL behind a thinly veiled curtain – word had it K-Solo played the part for the video since LL was M.I.A.


~ by rshabazz on July 5, 2008.

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