My Life, My Beats

When you’ve been around as long as someone like Grandmaster Flash, you’ve got a story to tell, so why not put out a book about your life story? The legendary DJ who has been a major influence in hip hop since day one tells his tale of an addiction that almost had him out the game to how “The Message”, one of the most recognizable songs in hip hop, was the prelude to the break up of the Furious Five.


~ by o.s.u.m on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Life, My Beats”

  1. Grand Master Flash = Legend.

    I wish the younger generation on a whole would pay respect to those who came before them. “Some” of them think they invented Hip Hop, or invented “Urban Culture”. All they did was re-discover it’s relevancy, and add a minor 2K twist to it.

    Everything they did and do – has already been done.

  2. Street sounds Electro 12, oh the memories!

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