Help Me Name My Show

Check it out y’all, I got a new show premiering on Swank Society. It starts next Wednesday, April 2 from 3-5 EST or 2-4 CST and I’m open to suggestions for a name.

I was thinking about naming the show Down By Law or resurrecting an old, old show name, Chocolate City. What’ya think? Leave a comment if you wanna extend your creativity in my direction.

If incentive is needed, I will slide an mp3 of a mix I did back in 94 to the first 5 suggestions. I’m talkin Biggie & Da Brat, Soul 4 Real and even a blend of Montell Jordan over Black Moon.


~ by o.s.u.m on March 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Help Me Name My Show”

  1. Chocolate City is [still] a weekend radio show on KCRW.

  2. what up playa … aka incognito … chocolate city will always be a classic for me but I know you will killin it hard as well … so CRATES RUN DEEP would a sik name as well …

    hola at the kid, hope all is well …


    I am a uncle now kid … 😉

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