AfroPunk Or Punks With Afros?

Initially I thought Searching for Rick Rubin was a new J Period mixtape, and I was all amped to hear some classic hip hop remixes or something along those lines. Then I discovered that Game Rebellion is the name of the group and I wasn’t so amped anymore. While the rock/rap sound is not my thing, after a listen or two I can honestly say it’s one to grow on, so don’t front.

There are definitely some high points in the mix and employing J Period on this was a smart move, but where’s the M.O.P?

My recommendations are the No Sleep Til Brooklyn F. Jean Grae & Math or J Periods jackin for beats remix of Freedom Ring Freestyle.

Click here to download

1. Hate (Intro)
2. Public Enemy #1 F. Jah Dan (J.Period Remix)
3. If You See Something, Say Something (Interlude)
4. 99 Problems f. Jay-Z (J.Period Remix)
5. Under the Bridge (J.Period Remix)
6. Under the Bridge F. Martin Luther
7. Welcome to BK (Interlude)
8. No Sleep Til Brooklyn F. Jean Grae & Math (J.Period Remix)
9. Born in Brooklyn (Interlude)
10. Goin Back to Cali f. Zion I (J.Period Remix)
11. Peter Piper (The Manifesto)
12. Peter Piper (J.Period Remix)
13. 89 Netic Freestyle (J.Period Remix)
14. Freedom Ring Freestyle (J.Period Jackin For Beats Remix)
15. Radio Play (Interlude)
16. Mind Playin Tricks
17. My Adidas
18. GR Live (Interlude)
19. Toy Soldiers Freestyle
20. Impossible Freestyle
21. Divide & Conquer (Interlude)
22. Back Down (J.Period Remix)
23. Get Mad! (Outtro)


~ by o.s.u.m on December 14, 2007.

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