DJ Fase Is For The Children

Hardcore Wu heads will be throwing up the W at the Ghostface/Wu Tang release party over at Andy Poolhall on Tuesday, December 4th with DJ Fase. Considering the popularity of Footworks and that this is the first full album from Wu in about 6 years, I’m quite sure that the killa bees will be out in full effect to show their love for the posse that bumrushed the industry back in 1993.

Myself, I’m really checking for Big Doe Rehab, the upcoming release from Big Ghost. In the last couple of years he’s been getting down for the crown and from what I heard so far this one will be no exception. Regardless, I will check back in after I get my earful of the Clan at a special listening party later this week.


~ by o.s.u.m on November 29, 2007.

One Response to “DJ Fase Is For The Children”

  1. Check my website classic hip hop shows from the 90’s and beyond. Toronto college radio shows digitized from my old casettes.

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